World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) is the official title. Through this constitution, the acronym “WAF” will be used to designate the World Armwrestling Federation. This title may be changed only by a majority vote of WAF members at an annual Congress meeting.


The WAF symbol is two arms locked in the start position, outlined in blue, resting on the acronym, WAF, which will be in red. The arms will show only to the mid of the forearm. The year “1977”, will be placed directly below the acronym, WAF and it to will be in red. This is to commemorate the start of WAF. Starting from the base of “1977”, a golden laurel will go upwards and stop on either side of the arms just short of the wrists on the arms.


WAF is composed of Continental Federations. The Continental Federations are composed of participating countries from within their continents. The countries may have as many active armwrestling organizations as they want, but they may only be represented by one national body from each country. Each national body from within the country must meet criteria as set forth by their continental federations, which they receive from WAF. The member countries are ultimately WAF.



1.      WAF is a non-profit organization. The members of the Executive Committee of WAF are elected and serve on a voluntary basis. They do not receive a salary, nor will they profit financially from carrying out their duties as WAF executives. In retrospect, it is also expected that they will not bear costs personally of operating WAF from day to day. These costs are to be approved by the membership at the annual Congress meetings.

2.      WAF is a non-bias organization. Decisions will not be based on religious, political or racial backgrounds. Discrimination will not be tolerated in the WAF organization.

3.      WAF may be associated with any organization that will benefit armsport.

4.      WAF headquarters will be where the WAF membership deems it to be the most practical, based on good business sense.

5.      Bylaws pertaining to this constitution will come into effect immediately after having been approved by WAF Executive Committee and ratified by the WAF membership. A delay to implement a change may be granted if it deems to be beneficial to WAF.

6.      Any dispute in interpretation of the constitution statutes and bylaws will be handled by the Executive Committee. Clarification will be presented to the WAF membership to be ratified and documented as a letter of understanding which will form part of the constitution.



1.      The official language of WAF is English. All publication, correspondence, reports, scoring, refereeing and Congress proceedings will be in English.

2.      The host of the WAF world championship is responsible to provide translators when required by WAF Executive Committee.



1.      The WAF Congress will take place annually at the WAF world armwrestling championship at least one day prior to the competition. The following items will always be on the agenda:

a)     Affiliation of new members.

b)     The approval of the reports of the President, Vice-presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer, Referee and sub-committee members.

c)       The filling in of any existing vacancies on the WAF Executive Committee.

d)       Selection of location of WAF world championship, other sanctioned championships and seminars.

e)     Modification of statutes, bylaws and rules.

f)        New business presented by affiliated member organizations.

g)     Review of audited accounts.

h)      Appointment of auditors.

2.      Every fourth even year, using 1992 as a reference, Congress will decide on the following:

a)     Nominations of continental representatives to the WAF Executive Committee by each continental federation.

b)     The election of continental representatives to the positions of President WAF, Vice- Presidents, General Secretary and Treasurer. (Positions of General Secretary, Referee and Treasurer do not have to be continental representatives. They can be from any country, but must be able and wanting to do the job.) This election will be done by the membership in a quick and expedient manner.

3.      Before the start of Congress, the WAF General Secretary will verify the credentials of all the delegates.

4.      Countries will be represented in Congress by the elected officials or official designates of their national armwrestling organizations. Representatives should be prepared to show in writing, proof of their designation from their country if requested by the General Secretary.

5.      The attendance to Congress of the WAF President and General Secretary or their proper designates is compulsory.

6.      Any items to be included in the Congress agenda must reach the General Secretary’s office at least 3 months (90 days) prior to the date set for Congress. The final agenda must reach all member countries 1 month (30 days) prior to the date set for Congress. Only items set forth on the agenda may be discussed unless the President gives special permission to hear added items and if time allows for it.

7.      Only members in good standing are allowed to vote on the agenda or participate in discussion of the agenda. Good standing includes paid up membership fees.

8.      Congress will only pass items that have been accepted by a majority vote.

9.      Voting will be a simple show of hands, on For or Against, unless more than 50% of the membership asks for a ballot vote.

10. Congress sessions are private. Observers and special guests can attend providing arrangement has been made with the Executive Committee. They will be observers only and cannot enter debate or vote.

11. The President or his proper designate will chair the Congress meeting, following normal parliamentary procedure such as Robert’s Rule.

12. Quorum will be formed with 20% of members in good standing present.

13. A special Congress may be called if 30% of members in good standing request it. However, those requesting the meeting will have to bear the costs of accommodation and meals for the Executive Committee for the duration of such Congress. The President of WAF will have the General Secretary send out notice of the meeting within 2 months (60 days) of its request.

14. Congress will meet no less than once a year at each WAF World Championship.

15.  Minutes of the Congress meetings will be recorded and distributed in a timely fashion by the General Secretary.



1.      The Executive Committee of WAF consists of the following positions:

a)     WAF President

b)     WAF Vice-presidents

c)      General Secretary

2.      The Presidents of the Continental Federations make up the Executive Committee.

3.      The Executive Committee members will serve on a voluntary basis for four years.

4.      Any member of the Executive Committee who is regularly absent or neglects their duties, unless for valid reasons can be replaced. This will be decided by an absolute majority vote of the Executive Committee.

5.       One member of the Executive Committee will always be on any sub committee.

6.      Meetings of the Executive Committee are private.

7.      The Executive Committee are the ones who ultimately award the venue of a World Championship, and will only change the vote of the congress with good

reason which must be explained to the congress.



1.      One member of the Executive Committee must chair any sub-committee. The member can be on more than one sub-committee.

2.      Sub-committees will be formed as needed and will be dissolved in Congress after completing their goal.

3.      Reports have to be presented annually at Congress by the sub-committee chairperson or his proper designate.

4.      Anyone who can contribute to the sub-committees goals can be a member.

5.      Standing sub-committees will be allowed.



1.      Elections for positions to the WAF Executive Committee will take place every four years, beginning on even years using 1992 as a reference date.

2.      Names of candidates from each Continental Federation must reach the office of the General Secretary in writing at least 3 months (90 days) before the date of the annual Congress in the election year.

3.      Only Continental representatives can let their name stand for office on the WAF Executive Committee, with the exception of General Secretary and Treasurer. They can be from any country as long as they possess the ability and the desire to do the job.

4.      The filling of the positions will be done in the following order: President, Senior Vice-president, Vice-presidents and General Secretary. When the position of WAF President is filled, the vice-president of the Continental Federation affected will move up to position of Continental President. This is because the WAF President has no voting rights except in the case of having to break a tie. This in effect gives that voting right, back to the Continental Federation involved.

5.      Voting will be a show of hands with a simple majority deciding the vote.

6.      If no continental representative wishes to let their name stand for General Secretary at this time, the Executive Committee will handle this situation.

7.      This process will take place at the start of Congress and become legally binding at the end of WAF World championship for the next four years.



1.      The President  will chair the WAF annual Congress.   Proper rules of parliamentary debate will be followed.

2.      In the event of a tie in a vote on a motion, the President will cast the deciding vote. Otherwise the President will abstain from all other votes.

3.      The President will help co-ordinate and give direction to the effective hosting of the WAF World Championship.

4.      It is compulsory for the President to attend the WAF Championship unless circumstances will not allow it. Travel and accommodation will be provided by the host country.

5.      The President will take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the WAF World Championship.

6.      The President will preside on the committee to settle any disputes at a WAF Championship.

7.      The President will assure that at minimum, a quarterly newsletter is sent out to the membership.

8.      The President shall attend meetings with organizations that will benefit the sport of armwrestling, ie: the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

9.      The President will conduct business within a budget  approved by the Congress. A detailed accounting of these expenditures is to be presented to the annual Congress.

10. In the preceding sub-sections, in the event that the President cannot attend or participate in any of the functions, a proper designate will be appointed. This appointment has to be in writing.


** NOTE ** References to Vice-presidents in this constitution generally mean the WAF Vice-president and the President of the Continental Federation (which are the same) unless denoted otherwise.


1.      The Vice-presidents will administrate their respective continental federations as per WAF constitution and rules.

2.      The Vice-presidents will help co-ordinate and give direction to the effective hosting of an annual Continental Championship and Congress.

3.      The Vice-presidents will preside over any committee to help resolve issues of   their respective National Armsport Federations in their member countries.

4.      In the event that any of these issues cannot be resolved at the National or Continental level, then the Vice-presidents will refer the issue to the WAF Executive Committee for resolution.

5.      Each Vice-president will issue a report at the WAF Congress on the activities of their respective Continental Federation.

6.      Each Vice-president will ensure that member countries host a national championship as per WAF rules. The results of these national championships will be forwarded to the Vice-presidents who will keep these on record for future reference.

7.      Any Continental news that each federation would like to share should be forwarded to the General Secretary for inclusion in any newsletters.

8.      Any Vice-president will be expected to stand in if needed to serve as appointed by the President.

9.      In the event that the Vice-president cannot attend to any of his above duties for whatever circumstances, the Continental vice-president will fill in as the Continental constitution allows.



1.      The General Secretary will be responsible to gather all information necessary to compile the agenda for the annual WAF Congress and distribute the agenda to the membership at least 1 month (30 days) prior to the date of the annual Congress.

2.      The General Secretary will be responsible to have the minutes of the annual Congress recorded and distributed.

3.      The General Secretary will attend to all documentation and distribution of relevant news of armwrestling to the membership.

4.      The General Secretary will assure that only eligible countries receive a WAF Voting card at the annual Congress.

5.      The General Secretary will be responsible to take care of the daily business affairs of WAF, such as forwarding WAF correspondence to the President and Executive Committee, answering such correspondence as directed by the President or Executive Committee and paying any outstanding invoices.

6.      The General Secretary will forward membership applications to new applicant countries and record this. He/she will contact the Continental President and make them aware of which country has applied for WAF membership. He/she will maintain a current and up to date mailing list. Hosting countries will receive a copy of this list.

7.      It will be the General Secretary’s responsibility to work with a Treasurer to conduct daily financial business for WAF. It will also be their combined responsibility to present an audited financial report annually at the Congress or whenever it is required by the Executive Committee.

8.      The General Secretary will conduct his business within a budget approved by the WAF Congress. A detailed accounting of expenditures will be given to Congress. This will be audited annually.

9.      In the preceding sub-sections, if the General Secretary cannot  attend  or participate to his/her duties, a proper designate will be appointed by the President. After the approval of the Executive Committee this appointment must be in writing.



1.      The Referee In Chief will be elected by the General Congress.             (changed Dec/99).

2.      The appointment must be accepted by a majority vote of the membership.

3.      Each Continental Federation may nominate one person from their federation for consideration by the Executive Committee for the Referee In Chief position.

4.      Nominees will be subject to a report from the referee panel.  The report will go to Congress before their final vote.

5.      The Referee In Chief must pre-arrange the required qualified referees for the WAF World Championship or any other championship in which WAF referees are requested.

6.      The Referee In Chief must issue referee report cards to his/her referees at every WAF World Championship, collect these and file them.

7.      The Referee In Chief must keep a record of all his/her referees, their training and experience. Valid referee cards must be issued.

8.      The Referee In Chief must arrange for a referee training session at each WAF World Championship prior to the championship.

9.      The Referee In Chief is responsible to properly interpret the WAF Rules and to insure they are carried out in a professional and orderly manner during WAF Championship.

10. The Referee In Chief is responsible to ensure that the proper technical equipment is used at WAF Championships.

11. The Referee In Chief is responsible to work within a budget allowed by the WAF Executive Committee for the running of programs, travel and upkeep of the WAF Rule book. A detailed accounting of this budget and a report of referee activity is to be presented annually to the WAF Executive. The budget will be audited at the WAF Congress.

12. The Referee In Chief will be responsible to bring forward any rule or technical changes requested by his/her referees or any Continental Federation and present these to the WAF Executive Committee. The WAF Committee will present these to the membership in a motion to be discussed and voted on.



1.      A Continental Federation shall have a properly formed constitution, Executive Committee and business address. All federation stationary must have printed, by its registered title, “ Member of WAF”. Copies of this information has to be submitted to WAF within the year they were formulated.

2.      Continental Federations must accept and comply to all WAF Rules and Constitution.

3.      Countries that are Continental Federation members can have only one National Association represent each country. Each country may have several different associations within itself, but absolutely only one National Association to represent armwrestling continentally and at WAF World Championships.

4.      The National Body shall set forth a qualification system for their Nationals Team, which will be presented to WAF.  (changed Dec/99)

5.      A continental championship must be held annually and results submitted to WAF General Secretary.

6.      The continental representative to the WAF Executive Committee must be a member of the Continental Executive Committee.

7.      In the event that a continental federation becomes in-operative or dissolves, WAF will assist that continent to become active again.

8.      Continental Federations must have a minor officials training program in place. This includes referees, draw masters and weigh masters.

9.      Continental Federations are responsible to develop and supervise any new countries that wish to be affiliated to WAF. All pertinent information in regards to this must be forwarded to the WAF General Secretary.

10. Referee’s can be neutral of any National or International Body.


Sub- sections:

1.      A national armwrestling organization wishing to become affiliated to WAF must first apply to their Continental Federation.

2.      WAF will supply the membership form to be filled out by the country applying for membership. This form will cover all the points needed to be affiliated. Some of these points are:

a)     First registration (only one time for registration) : 150 US $

b)     List of executives.

c)      A copy of their constitution.

d)     $300.00 US annual membership fee.

e)     All phone and fax numbers. Mailing addresses and e-mail addresses if applicable.

3.      An application for membership implies complete acceptance of the WAF Constitution and rules.

4.      Full membership becomes valid only if the physical presence of the applicant country is established through the participation by an official or athlete at a WAF World Championship.

5.      After all WAF formalities are completed, the new member will be given an official welcome at the WAF Congress.

6.      Active National armwrestling associations must send in the results and photos

of their National Championship to their Continental Federation.

7.      A member country  may lose their affiliation for the following reason:

a) Non compliance to WAF constitution, rules and bylaws.

b) Non payment of affiliation fees for more than two years.

8.      In regards to sub-section 7, discussion would take place at the WAF Congress and a vote would be taken as to the outcome. Results will be sent out by registered mail.

9.      Every member country must try by all means to have representation at the WAF World Championship.



1.      All payments of fees are to be in U.S. dollars. Payments are to be made in cash US dollars only.

2.      An official WAF receipt must accompany all transactions.

3.      All fee structures are decided by the WAF membership at the annual Congress.

4.      All fees are due at registration of a country’s National team. If for some reason there is only an official present, the fee is due prior to the start of Congress.

5.      A license fee is charged for the rights of all WAF Championships and it is due prior to the running of any of those championships. These include World, International or Continental Championships that wish to be sanctioned by WAF.

6.      WAF reserves the right to negotiate with the host, a percentage fee of any revenues received through television and video of any WAF sanctioned championship.

7.      The present fee structure is as follows:

a) World Championship                  $3000.00 U.S.

b) International or Continental        $  500.00 U.S.

c) Competitor fees (per person)     $    30.00 U.S. (starting year 2000)



1. All applications for a WAF championship will be done through a bid format. The bids will be reviewed during the WAF Congress.

2. The Continental or National organization wishing to host the championship must first agree in writing that they wish to bid for a specific championship and include a bid bond of half of the fee. If they are successful bidders, the bond will go towards the fee and the balance will be due. If they are not successful the bid bond will be returned to them.

3. The organization that receives the WAF license undertakes all financial liability and any other risks associated to the championship. WAF assumes no risk.

4. Upon approval of a bid, WAF and the successful bidder will enter a contract which will guarantee that the organizer will fulfill their part of the agreement.

5. WAF will provide qualified people to supervise registration, weigh ins and scorekeeping.  All aspects of Registration, Weigh-ins, Scorekeeping & Referee’s will be done in accordance to WAF Rules and Regulation Guidelines.

6. The bid process will include the following basic points:

a) An official letter from the host  which outlines organizational ability, financial ability and commitment.

b) Payment of the bid bond.

 c) Detail of the proposed venue for the championship and for the annual Congress which should include the registration and weigh in facility.

d) A guarantee of accommodation and meal expenses for the WAF Executive Committee members, leaders of the National associations and minor officials (which includes referees, scorekeepers and weigh masters) for the fixed number of days and nights of the championship.

e) A guarantee of transportation of the above mentioned and the athletes between airport, train stations and hotel upon arrival and departure. Also transportation between hotel and venue where applicable.

 f) A guarantee of the return airfare of the President, General Secretary and Head Referee of WAF, from their home town to the site of the WAF World Championship.

g) Knowledge of the WAF constitution, rules and championship guidelines.

h) Availability of proper medical people at the venue during the championship.

8.      WAF retains the right to revoke a championship license if the constitution and rules are not followed and could cancel the championship.



1.      WAF and country banners must hang in a prominent manner to be very visible during the championship. Size & placement must be approved by the Executive Committee.

2.      Advertising and sponsorship signage may be displayed to the sides of the venue.  All other products and forms to be approved by WAF.

3.      All WAF Championships will be double elimination system of scorekeeping and feature both left arm and right arm categories for men and women. This will include Masters and disabled classes.

4.      All WAF championships will be conducted using WAF qualified referees and scorekeepers. No “seeding” is allowed and “luck of the draw” is used for score sheets.  Team members from the same country will not be matched against each other in the same round if possible.

5.      All WAF Championships will feature an opening and closing ceremony and an awards ceremony. The “opening”  and “closing” ceremonies will consist of the following:

a)     All participating countries will be assembled on stage or in the venue in alphabetical order.

b)     A designated person will carry the National flag of each country and a “host volunteer” will carry the country name placard at the forefront of each group.

c)      The guest of honor of the host organization will give a short speech.

d)     The President of the organizing country will give a short speech.

e)     The President of WAF or proper designate will give a short speech and then the WAF and host country flags will be raised while the host’s national anthem is played.

f)       The speakers and teams will disperse and the stage will be set for the armwrestling to begin.

g)     The Referee-in-chief will come on stage introduce himself and the team of referees for that particular championship. The championship will now commence.

h)     The championship will normally run over 3 days. Exceptions can be made when it is requested by the host committee.

i)       The closing ceremony awards will feature a three tiered podium to present the awards to the athletes. Athletes finishing up to sixth place will come to the podium.  The announcer will start with 6th place and work down to the first place finisher. First, second and third will mount the podium and the balance will stand on either side. They will pose momentarily for WAF and country pictures.

j)        The WAF Executive Committee will present the awards and certificates supplied by the host country.

k)     A similar ceremony will take place to recognize the top teams of the championship in all categories.

l)        The John Miazdzyk Memorial Award will be presented.

m)   At the conclusion of the awards, the WAF president and host President will invite the following year’s host country to come forward and receive the symbolic exchange of the WAF flag to be displayed at next year’s championship. The WAF President will then declare the championships officially over.


**NOTE** This section will cover the conduct of executive, officials and athletes alike, both during the championships and between championships.


1.      All executive, officials and athletes are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is expected of ladies and gentlemen. It is a great honor to have earned the right to be your country’s ambassadors. Conduct yourselves accordingly.

2.      WAF views the use of performance enhancement drugs as unethical and strictly forbids it. WAF follows the same doping guidelines as the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Athletes may be subject to drug testing and if found positive may face the following consequences:

a)     If an athlete refuses to take the test or attempts to manipulate the test, both actions will be regarded as guilt and therefore a positive result.

b)     The first time offence will result in a one year suspension. A second offence will result in a possible life time suspension.

c)      If an athlete is found to be dealing or trafficking in illegal or banned substances he will be suspended for a period of time to be decided by the Disciplinary  Sub-Committee.

d)     If an athlete is found to test positive, WAF has the right to scrutinize their host country’s armwrestling program and officials for infractions against drug abuse. Countries found guilty of doping will be given a warning for a first offence; second offence will be disqualification from the event in question and third offence will be three year suspension from any WAF sanctioned event.

e)     Any athlete found to test positive will be stripped of their medals and standings.

3.      All drug tests will be done in an accredited laboratory.


** NOTE** All and any member of WAF, whether individual or country, executive or federation, all are subject to disciplinary action by WAF. All countries and individuals who choose to participate in and become members of WAF agree to respect and abide by the WAF constitution and rules. The WAF is a democratic federation which will give any group or individual the benefit of the doubt unless proven different. The guidelines that would warrant discipline are as follows in the sub-sections.


1.      Disciplinary action can be taken against any member of WAF who contravenes the WAF Code of Ethics, WAF Constitution or WAF rules.

2.      Disciplinary action can be taken against any member country that refuses to participate in WAF sanctioned events, but continues to promote itself as a member in good standing with WAF. This country would first receive a warning letter. 

3.      Any athlete or official who threatens or uses abusive language against or directed to, another athlete or official can be disciplined.

4.      Any athlete or official who acts in a manner that brings dishonor to WAF or his country is subject to discipline.

5.      Any athlete, official or country that is served with a disciplinary notice has the right to file a defense to be heard in front of the disciplinary panel. There will be a motion put forward after the hearing. The motion will be discussed and then voted on.   If the notice is upheld they may appeal to the WAF Congress.



1.      The WAF will operate a daily bank account to do day to day business. Activity within this account will be reported annually to the WAF membership by the General Secretary. Checks will be numbered to be able to cross reference the entries.

2.      WAF bank accounts will operate in Internationally accessible banks. These accounts will be maintained by the President or General Secretary, who will work with a treasurer, mutually agreed upon by the Executive Committee.

3.      WAF will work within an established budget that will be approved at Congress. The budget will take into account the financial resources available to WAF. Items to be included in the budget will be categorized and addressed by priority.

4.      WAF accounts are open to scrutiny by any member in good standing. These accounts will be audited annually by a chartered accountant.



1.      Special awards can be given out to worthy individuals or countries from time to time to show appreciation of the work being done by them for WAF. This will be an Executive Committee decision.

2.      The John Miazdzyk Memorial Award will be given out annually at WAF world championship to a deserving individual who has shown greatness in the sport of armwrestling either through organizing, competition or volunteerism. The presentation will be done prior to the final closing of the championship. It is in memory of a great Canadian who hosted the very first WAF World Armwrestling Championship in Weytaskwin, Alberta, Canada in 1979. This is WAF’s highest honor!




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